This is a cable TV amp installation I did in an attic last year.  It serves as a good example of how I bring multiple skill sets to bear on a problem that is often difficult to resolve without contracting with multiple service providers.  Poor and unreliable signal quality was traced back to a cheap and poorly installed signal splitter so I procured a 8-port signal amp to give it a boost.  This is the white box to the left with all the black coaxial cables attached to it.  Of course, this required a power source, so I installed a dedicated outlet (grey box on the right) on the roof beam and wired it to an existing outlet that serviced the room on the other side of the wall.
In addition to this work I installed some new coaxial connections and caps on all the unused connectors.  All this combined to make a pretty good boost in signal strength, and organized the entire installation to ease any future issues that may arise.