This photo shows the result of settling for a sub-standard installation by what was supposed to have been a certified pool electrician.  In 2011 I decided to replace the old pool timers and at the same time converted to a salt water system (which I don't regret!).  Not having the time to do it myself, I hired a contractor through one of the larger pool supply stores here in town.  He came out, worked for about 4-5 hours and left a jumbled arrangement of boxes attached to the exterior of the garage.  At the time, it was no big deal, but time and weather quickly took its toll and the weakness of the installation became apparent when two yeas later the boxes were literally falling off the wall!

The problems: 1) timer boxes for the pumps and salt cell secured to a high-relief stone wall with 1.5" common fasteners (not nearly long or large enough for the load), 2) boxes not lined up neatly and awkwardly positioned too far from the edge of the paved step, 3) main cut off switches not wired to the interior of the pool timer box, and 4) cables left loose and unsecure. 

I think most will agree, this picture shows a far better installation, even before I tied down all the cables!  To accomplish this, I removed both boxes and build a steel component rack out of shelving stock.  With the rack secured to the wall with masonry anchors, each box was rehung with stainless steel hardware.  All the wiring was re-routed into the boxes using more direct connections and fewer cables.  Also, the cut off switches were relocated into the base of the lower pump timer box (not shown in picture).



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