I'll be the first to admit that I'm no fan of heights, despite my few years as a Army paratrooper (or maybe because of it?), but recently I found myself facing an elevation challenge that demanded a creative approach in the name of safety.  The home owner desired to remove the steel railing of his cantilevered deck so that it could be refinished.  Taking it down  was not terribly difficult, but replacing it once it was refinished was going to be harder.  I had to come up with an inexpensive solution that could lift the sections into place yet  did not damage the deck surface nor the newly refinished railings.  Adding to this was the lack of suitable anchor points.

To meet this requirement I constructed a simple crane and hoist mechanism from lumber to raise the railing sections into place so that they could be fastened to the deck edge.  Luck aided me, as I had long ago stored an old locking block and tackle in my garage and you simply can't find such things in hardware stores anymore.  A large cargo strap was used to fasten the hoist to the deck.  This is exactly the type of solution I am talking about when I say ARYX can develop executable on-the-ground solutions.



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